Here at Plainfield Township, we are committed to keeping taxes low for our residents. The average home in the township pays approximately $50 a year in taxes to the Township Fund. The township provides vital and convenient services with these tax dollars, investing the money we receive into the community. Please explore our website to learn about the services and programs we offer to our residents. Our goal is to do more with less by expanding services and keeping taxes low.

Here are just a few examples of ways we are currently saving money:

  • A partnership with the Plainfield Park District to maximize senior services and minimize cost
  • Shared office space, equipment, and networking between the offices of Township Supervisor, Assessor, and Highway Commissioner
  • A cooperation with the Plainfield Public Library to expand youth programming
  • Utilization of the Plainfield School District’s Connect Ed outreach to educate students about township events and programs

If you have an idea for a service or program, or have questions about existing ones, please use our (contact form) to get in touch with us.

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