Storm Water Reports

Storm Water Management Plan

2017-2018 Annual Facility Inspection Report

2018-2019 Annual Inspection Report

2019-2020 Annual Facility Inspection Report

2020-2021 Annual Facility Inspection Report

2016 Notice of Intent

2021 Notice of Intent

NPDES Permit No. ILR40

Outfall Locations


Household guide to Preventing Storm Water Pollution

Your Septic System

Visit:    for more information about your septic.

How You Can Help

Education and Outreach Material:


Residents can report instances of pollution or suspected pollution by contacting the Plainfield Township Highway Department at (85) 436-6090 or by initiating an email inquiry through the Township website.

For hazardous material emergency, please contact Illinois Emergency Management Assistance at 800-782-7860.

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