pumpkin smash
Join us Saturday November 4th for our first “Pumpkin Smash” event at the Plainfield Township Highway Department from 9am until noon! (See attached flier.)

What is a Pumpkin Smash? It’s our effort to help divert pumpkins from landfills! You can drop off your pumpkin after Halloween and come “smash” it in our composting dumpster!

Why keep pumpkins out of the Landfill? Composting is nature’s way of recycling with many benefits:
* Avoids landfill greenhouse gas emissions from decomposing organics (currently, landfills are the 3rd largest producer of methane in the U.S.!)
* Produces a useful, nutrient-dense soil amendment
* Pumpkins are 90% water which is great for our soil, but not so great for out landfills!

We’ll see you there for a SMASHING time!


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