Plainfield Township Board of Trustees

2024 Meeting Dates

The Plainfield Township Board meets monthly at the Township Administration Building. Meetings are held on the second Wednesday of each month. Regular Township Board meetings begin at 6:00pm. Agendas for meetings are posted at the main entrance of the Administration Building forty-eight hours prior to each meeting. Once monthly minutes have been approved they may be viewed on this page by clicking on the hyperlink below. The dates for the Township Board meetings are posted below. Township Board meetings are open to the public and visitors are welcomed!


Board Meeting Date Agenda Packet Minutes Meeting Type
April 9, 2024 Agenda april-bd-pkt-web-04042024083404.pdf Meeting Minutes Standard
April 9, 2024 Agenda budget-workshop-04042024082631.pdf Meeting Minutes Workshop
April 9, 2024 Agenda Meeting Minutes Annual Town Meeting
March 13, 2024 Agenda march-board-pkt-web-03082024112336.pdf Meeting Minutes Standard
February 14, 2024 Agenda feb-board-pkt-web-02092024105601.pdf Meeting Minutes Standard
January 10, 2024 Agenda jan-bd-pkt-web-01052024115231.pdf Meeting Minutes Standard
December 18, 2023 Agenda Rescheduled-Mtg-Packet.pdf Meeting Minutes Standard
December 13, 2023 Agenda bd-pkt-web-12082023123127.pdf Meeting Minutes Cancelled
November 8, 2023 Agenda Nov-23-Pkt.pdf Meeting Minutes Standard
November 8, 2023 Agenda levy-ws-packet-11032023085753.pdf Meeting Minutes Workshop
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