Leaf Collection


Leaf Collection

We are proud to offer Leaf Collection starting on Monday, October 23, 2017 and continuing through December 1, 2017 (weather permitting).  This program is designed to be service to residents of Plainfield Township who receive road service provided by the Plainfield Township Highway Department.

We now have 2 crews picking up leaves. Because this limits the personnel we can devote to each crew, we must ask that the leaves are on the edge of the road.  It is very time consuming and labor intensive to rake leaves out of the ditches. Click here to view the crew in action and learn the proper way to place leaves

We greatly appreciate your help with making this service even more successful.  See postcard here for collection dates and details.

Proper Ways

Improper Ways

Leaf Truck Route 2017 Pick-up 

Old Lily Cache

Old Renwick Road (East)



Roseland (Garden Street)

Crystal Lawns

Crystal Lawns 1-3

Crystal Lawns 4-12

Fiday View

Bedford Meadows

Heatherwood Estates

Caton Farm Acres

McKenna Woods

Fond Du Lac





L.C. Smith (Ash St. & Garden Dr.)

Eastfield (Wilkins Ln. & Kearns Dr.)

Meadows (Wilkins Place)

River View Gardens (River Rd. & River Ct.)

Renwick Park Estates


Peerless Estates

Lily Cache Acres

Heather Creek (Surrey Ln., Ellen Dr., & Mayleon Dr.)

Lily Cache Road

Van Horn Estates

DuPage Country Club

Franklin Heights

Please note: Not all roads within the Township are under the jurisdiction of the Plainfield Township Highway Department.  This makes it confusing for some residents who are trying to get information and service.  If you have questions, please call 815-436-6090.  Your questions will be handled, or you will be directed to the proper State, County, local City or Village agency that is responsible.

                                    Thank you for your cooperation in our Leaf Collection Program.