Taxing Body Links

Scroll down and click the taxing bodies specific to your property.  The list of your taxing bodies is on your tax bill.  If you need assistance, please call 815.436.5110.

Tax Code Taxing Body Website
940 City Joliet SSA 94-1
807 City of Crest Hill
808 City of Crest Hill Street Department
757 City of Joliet
819 City of Joliet
735 City of Joliet Fire
921 City of Joliet Public Library
820 City of Joliet Roadways
948 White Oak Library District
655 Joliet Junior College District 525
635 Joliet Township High School District 204
409 Lockport Fire District
416 Plainfield Fire District
952 Plainfield Library Special
911 Plainfield Park District
926 Plainfield Public Library
633 Plainfield School District 202
242 Plainfield Township
243 Plainfield Township Highway and Roads
986 Sunnyland San Dist  
605 Troy School District 30-C 
850 Village of Bolingbrook RD BR
835 Village of Plainfield
836 Village of Plainfield Street Division
712 Village of Plainfield TIF 1
839 Village of Romeoville
734 Village of Romeoville Fire  
840 Village of Romeoville Streets
849 Villiage Bolingbrook
999 Will County
011 Will County Bldg Comm
006 Will County Forest Preserve